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Theirs to Crave (Aliens of Doluna)

Theirs to Crave (Aliens of Doluna)

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PNW Author

Estrella's life wasn't exactly going to plan: divorced, childless, and halfway to forty. But she was getting by. She had her work, her brother, and several "friends" in her nightstand happy to help out if she got lonely.

Then she woke up on an alien ship.

Suddenly, "just getting by" took on a much greater meaning. Determined not to be victims, Estrella, her brother, and the other prisoners must band together to fight for their freedom, and a chance to return home.

But what happens when that ship crashes, leaving them stranded?

With no choice but to go forward, what kind of new lives will they build? Figuring that out would be simpler if the local aliens weren't so...attractive. They really shouldn't be. They're...furry. They have tails, claws, and great big teeth! And they're huge!

But they're also sweet, and strong, and kind...and their tongues are so loooong. And they purrrrr...

Theirs to Crave is the first book in the Aliens of Doluna series. It's a FFMM polyam romance featuring a beautiful, fat Latina and three fuzzy aliens. Fair warning, everything crosses.

This book is intended for a mature audience and contains explicit content. This content includes, but is not limited to: depictions of mental health struggles, episodes of PTSD, experiences of trauma both foreign and domestic, discussion of infertility, exploration of grief, death, and non-vanilla sexual activity. For a more complete listing, please see the author’s website

Type: Paperback

Page Count: 333

Publisher: Independently published

Categories: LGBTQ+ Erotica, Romantic Erotica, and Romantic Fantasy

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