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To the Skyline

To the Skyline

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When MI6 agent Ben Grant and flight attendant Violet Wedlake first cross paths, they never imagine that they'll spend the next seventeen days together-or that their proximity will result in something life-altering. But after one magical date, the two must separate, pulled apart by circumstances beyond their control.

Sixteen years later, Violet is running from her soon-to-be ex-husband. When the opportunity arises to start anew in Bath, Somerset, Violet takes it, hoping to find herself and retake control. But there she discovers the unexpected-the last possible outcome on her list of maybes: the man she's constantly compared every other person to.

Ben Grant is now her neighbor, still as achingly kind as she remembers and more charming than before. Ben Grant hasn't been a spy in ages, swapping gadgets for kitchen essentials, now a chef at The Crooked Branch. Unlucky in love, a glimmer returns to his mundane life when the woman he's thought of endlessly moves in next door. Much has changed for the two since they last saw each other. Will Violet and Ben reignite the sparks within those glowing autumn days and uncover that their love is as constant as falling leaves?

Type: Paperback

Page Count: 340

Publisher: Gissane Sophia

Categories: Romantic Comedy, New Adult & College Romance, and Contemporary Romance

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