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What An Earl Wants

What An Earl Wants

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Benjamin, Earl of Sinclair, is living in chaos. So many of his well-trained servants are pairing up and running off to be wed that his friends begin calling him The Matchmaking Earl. Fortunately, his talented new secretary, J. Quincy, begins setting the household to rights. But imagine Sinclair’s surprise when he discovers the “J” stands for Josephine. His favorite employee is a lady in disguise!

Jo desperately needs this position, and never actually lied about her gender … though she didn’t expect Sinclair to figure out her secret so soon. If the ton finds out, the scandal could be devastating. She’s only going to stay long enough to earn sufficient money to move her ailing sister away from London. Can she succeed before word gets out and scandal brings them both down? And after working so closely with the handsome, charming Sinclair, can she leave with her heart intact … even if the earl now wants Jo as a match for himself?

Originally published January 2005. Lightly edited for 2021 as part of the Scandalous Ladies series. (What can I say ... I fell in love with my hero, and then his brother, and then his brother's friends. I hope you will, too.)
Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone -- each is a complete story arc with no cliffhangers -- though most readers prefer to read them in the order published.

Type: Mass market paperback

Page Count: 372

Publisher: Avon Books


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