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With the new location comes the opportunity to make the store more ADA Accessible! We will now be on the ground floor of a great spot that will allow us to cater to all walks of life.

We will be partnering with friends in our community to make sure that the store is shoppable for the ADA community.

When we (the main character, duh) wake up the next day after a night of being taken care of to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon sizzling.

This is a light/medium roast that's smooth, mild and crisp just like our love interest.

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Grumpy to Sunshine: When they're grumpy to everyone but here you come shaking up their world and start bringing their inner softie out.

But also? Literally. If you're not coherent before coffee let's turn that morning grump to a late morning sunshine before you start the day.

This is a medium/dark roast. It has chocolatey and whiskey barrel notes.

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  • About The Books

    Majority of the books here are used.

    This means they are gently loved by their previous owners or are discarded books from retailers.

    Expect some wear for majority of these but nothing that leaves the book unreadable. I do not sell anything that has rips, stains or anything that would deem the book unsellable.

    The only new books in the shop are SOME new releases (but not all and not a lot) and a TON of indie romance authors that are in the shop on consignment! This keeps the store stocked and gets indie authors paid.

  • Shopping Used

    Did you know that 320 million books end up in landfill? Every book is picked by us to hopefully give it a new home.

    Shopping used helps keeps books in rotation and out of landfill.

    Every book here has been sourced from local second hand shops, friends of the library stores, have been donated or purchased wholesale from retailers that would have otherwise had them discarded.

    I chose to go used because I wanted to keep books affordable and to give books a new home. Just because one person didn't enjoy it, doesn't mean someone sle wont!

  • Donations

    Want to donate your books?

    You can bring them to the shop anytime during operation hours and receive 20% off your purchase same day.

    Not nearby? We accept donations by mail! Reach out to get the best address to ship to.

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