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Provoking The Lost (The Broken and Condemned Trilogy)

Provoking The Lost (The Broken and Condemned Trilogy)

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PNW Author

I’ve never been great at dating, my best friend August would attest to that, so how I ended up entangled with three men makes your guess as good as mine. I don’t think encountering a mysterious man in the Colorado woods, poaching in a button down and cap-toe-boots, is a meet-cute you gush about over mimosas to your girlfriends. It’s a report that you should make to the police, with descriptions you give that you definitely don’t fantasize about. Not that I need fantasy fuel between my flirty friend Ethan and August’s charming brother Jarrett around. What I need is for someone to tell me why all three men are suddenly confessing their feelings to me. A twenty-something conservation scientist, who spends most days alone in the forest. Is there a crossroad out there where all signs point to Lily Harper?

You’d think being embroiled with three men would be the hard part, but if I had known that one of them was harboring a powerful secret regarding what he was, I would have paid better attention in my Myth, Magic, and World Religions class in college. Especially considering that secret was about to upend my entire life and ultimately become the provocation to ignite a centuries old strife.

Type: Paperback

Page Count: 300

Publisher: S. A. Claremont

Categories: Angel Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, and New Adult & College Romance

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